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WELCOME TO OUR PUBLIC SAFETY DIVING PROGRAM Be One Of The Highest Certified & Trained Public Safety Divers In The World!

PADI Public Safety Diver Program with PRO SCUBA CENTER

We believe there is no quick, easy way to become a safe, proficient public safety diver or underwater crime scene investigator. The same is true for a professional dive team. Therefore, our program is designed to not only develop competent, professional public safety divers, but to help develop professional dive teams that can get the job done right. Over the last 25 years we have been working with various dive teams through our local community college. We have helped many of these teams develop from the ground up. We were involved with their inception and further growth and development. We also train non-divers who either do not want to or cannot, due to health concerns, become divers, to be valuable assets to their team as Surface Support Specialists. In addition to the normal responsibilities of a public safety diver, the well trained public safety diver can also serve their communities by using their skills to clean waterways of trash and debris thereby helping to protect our environment.

We train in real world environments and conditions. We will progress you from normal diving conditions to environments and conditions similar to those in which you will have to respond. That means zero, not near zero, visibility, obstacles, possible currents, entanglement situations and other hazards that the public safety diver will encounter.

So whether you have an existing team that needs or wants more training or you want to start a dive team within your department, we are here to help you achieve your goals. If you are not a member of a department, but  would like to develop the comfort, competence and skills used by public safety divers, you too can enroll in our Public Safety Diver Program.

For more information, contact PRO SCUBA CENTER.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent public safety diving accidents through the development of professional level dive teams, to make our communties safer, both from a societal and environmental standpoint, and to serve our communities through the use of our knowledge and skills. We will accomplish this through the constant development and evolution of training programs for public safety divers and underwater crime scene investigators.

Our Goals

  • To prevent public safety diving accidents
  • To train individual divers to the highest level of public safety diving and underwater crime scene investigations as possible
  • To prepare the public safety diver for the real world environments and conditions they will encounter
  • To assist departments in the professional development of their dive teams
  • To serve our communities by returning the bodies of loved ones with dignity, by recovering evidence to prosecute and convict criminals, by removing vehicles from our waterways thereby helping to protect the environment and ultimately by making our communities a safer place to raise a family, to play and to live
  • To develop more comfortable, competent, and safer divers through training and education

 Our Motto

Amateurs train until they get it right. Professionals train until they can't get it wrong!

 There are two ways to get involved with our Public Safety Diver Program:

  1.  Pro Scuba Center: Give us a call and we can set specific programs for individuals or whole departments. We specialize in developing dive teams for departments that have no divers or only a couple of divers, but want to develop a professional level dive team. Not a member of a department? We also offer individual courses or the entire program to divers who simply want to improve their comfort, knowledge and skills, or who just like the challenge of becoming a public safety diver or underwater crime scene investigator.
  2. Halifax Community College & Carteret Community College: We have developed the most complete public safety diver program for community colleges in the state of North Carolina. You must be a member of law enforcement, a fire department or EMS to be eligible for these classes. Contact us and we can help you and your team enroll in these programs.