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ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Ronnie McLamb - Master Public Safety Diver Instructor & Master Underwater CSI Instructor

About the Instructor - Ronnie McLamb with PRO SCUBA CENTER

Your Instructor: Ronnie started diving in 1979 and recovered his first item, a dive knife lost in Kerr Lake, that same year during a Search & Recovery class. Ronnie was immediately hooked on underwater search & recovery. In 1980, a coworker told Ronnie of his drowned son being removed from the water like a piece of meat on a hook because they conducted dragging operations rather than using divers. It was at that moment that Ronnie decided to become involved in professional level recoveries. Since that time Ronnie has earned his Master Instructor certification and teaches 36 different specialties, ten of which are in the public safety diving realm. He has earned his Master Underwater Criminal Investigator certification through UCI, a leading and well respected public safety diving training organization. Ronnie is also a certified PADI Master Public Safety Diving Instructor and a PADI Master Underwater CSI Instructor. In 1999, Ronnie started the development of the Public Safety Diver curriculum at Halifax Community College in Weldon, NC. That program has continually grown and evolved under Ronnie's direction since its inception and now offers the most complete Public Safety Diver/Underwater Crime Scene Investigator curriculum of any college in the state. Ronnie also conducts the Public Safety Diver program for Discovery Diving in Beaufort, North Carolina. Over the years Ronnie has assisted numerous agencies, local, state and federal, in the recovery of vehicles, bodies and evidence. Many of these recoveries have led to the conviction of numerous criminals.